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We believe it is important to work closely with our customers as understanding their requirements allows us to offer an individual assessment to safeguard their surroundings.  A good working relationship with our customers ensures that they benefit from our honesty and commitment to high standards; we firmly believe that this sets us apart from other providers in our industry.

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Central Fire Protection maintain, supply & test all types of portable fire equipment.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Our technicians can advise as to the type and number of extinguishers your premises require. We can inspect, test and service your extinguishers to ensure they remain compliant with British Standards.

Fire Safety Training

Central Fire Protection offers a variety of training courses including Fire Warden Training, Fire Awareness Training, Fire Extinguisher Training and Evacuation Training.

Fire Safety Training

Our experienced trainer will tailor courses to suit your business’ requirements. Courses are run at your premises where possible and have a practical element to give each delegate a hands-on experience with the fire equipment.

Fire Risk Assessments

Central Fire Protection’s Fire Risk Assessor will assess your property as required by the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

Fire Risk Assessments

Central Fire Protection’s Risk Assessor will assess your property as required by the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Our technicians inspect, test and maintain your existing Fire Alarm system to ensure compliance with current fire safety legislation.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

All Fire Alarm maintenances are carried out according to BS5839:1. We can also advise on domestic properties which relate to BS5839:6.

Emergency Lights Maintenance

Central Fire Protection will install, test & maintain your current emergency lights system.

Emergency Lights Maintenance

Our technicians will advise as to the type and number of emergency lights your premises requires and will inspect, test and service your lights to ensure they remain compliant with BS 5266.

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About Us

With over 20 years’ experience in the fire industry my first opportunity was with Briton Fire as a Business Development Manager. From there I progressed through fire extinguisher maintenance, fire alarm inspection, electrical technical technology and finally studying fire safety gaining invaluable experience which took me offshore working in the Oil and Gas Sector. 

In 2013 I started Central Fire Protection Scotland Ltd to help local businesses and clients across the Central Belt and beyond with all their fire safety requirements.  As well as the business the team has also grown into dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional services to our clients. Linnea, Alan, Daniel, Andrew, Craig and our newest recruit John bring many years of experience in their respective fields. We have developed a deep understanding of our client’s needs and strive to exceed their expectations.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail sets us apart ensuring that every task is completed to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on fostering long term relationships with our clients focusing on clear communication and reliable support.

Robert Stirton
Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question in this list, feel free to contact us for more information and a speedy response.  Or, if you need a response straight away, use our chat facility (bottom right corner of the page).  We’re online during normal business hours, including restricted hours over weekends and bank holidays.

We mainly work across the Central Belt of Scotland but cover areas as far south as Carlisle and as far north as Inverness.

This very much depends on the type of business and the size of your premises.  We can carry out a survey of your business for you and make recommendations on your fire safety requirements and can also conduct a full fire risk assessment which will give a full overview of how safe your building and procedures are.

Following British Standards:

  • Fire extinguishers are required to be serviced once a year.
  • Fire alarms are required to be serviced twice a year.
  • Emergency lights are required to be serviced once a year.

    We keep a record of all your services and get in touch whenever they are due to take the stress out of remembering!

Our courses are tailored to individual requirements.  More information can be found under ‘Fire Safety Training’ in the ‘Services We Provide’ section above.  Our trainer liaises directly with you to plan the practicalities of the course.

The preferred payment method would be BACs.  This is set up using the company name, “Central Fire Protection Scotland Ltd”.  All payment details are included on the invoice which is sent along with the certification and job sheet once the work is complete.